Welcome to SUHSD Mail Services Department

Mail Services Hours:
Monday thru Friday
8:00 am – 4:00pm
Phone: (619) 585-4473

New Procedures

  • Use only black or blue ink – do not use red ink or pencil et al because the optical character reader does not read these colors and the mail piece is returned to the sender. (Example: red ink pen, red paper or envelope, pencil or green ink).
  • Do not place attention lines on the bottom of the address. The last line should be City, State, and Zip only.
  • First Class mail, must be sealed, do not tuck the flap into the envelope.


Please contact Duplicating @ 691-5588 with any questions on automation mail.

Priority Mail

Now $7.35 up to one pound (after that it varies according to destination)

Flat rate envelopes (fiber) are $7.35 for whatever you can fit in the envelope, no matter how heavy.

Flat rate small box are $7.90, medium box are $14.35, and large box are $19.95 no matter the weight. However, it is not always the best choice. The box must weight around (10 pounds) for local delivery.

Alternative to priority for large packages:

Parcel Post

Machinable and Non-Machinable

$7.80 for one pound – local
The rate increases by weight and destination.

Express Mail

$25.50 for the first 1⁄2 pounds or (8 ounces)
Flat rate envelopes are the same rate $25.50 for whatever you can fit in the envelope, no matter the weight.

Certified Mail

Added to first class mail – the cost is $3.50
Add return receipt for $2.80, Approximately total cost ($6.80) CERT.

First class letters

Now $0.50 for first ounce Additional ounces – $0.20

Maximum size: Length 11 1⁄2 inches Height 6 1⁄2 inches

First Class Large Envelopes

Now $1.00 for the first ounce Additional ounces- $0.20

Maximum size:
Length 15 inches Height 12 inches

First Class Post Card

Now $0.35
Card must be at least 5 inches by 3 1⁄2 inches and cannot exceed 6 by 4 1⁄2 inches Post cards need to be made with card paper.

Presort first class ( PSI)

Letters $0.46 flat rate no more than 0.3 ounces, minimum of 200 pcs. standard first class
Exactly the same (size, weight, style) such as (test results, grades, amounts due etc.,) No personalized mail.

Bulk mail

Bulk mail is reserved for minimum 400 pcs. of the same (size, weight, style) NOTE (only duplicating department can process bulk mailings)

Standard Non Profit

Same as Bulk mail, No advertising, no political or nothing for sale. (Example: student insurance, class photos, rings, activities)

Before planning a mass mail please contact mail services or duplicating department Please note: duplicating can do mass mailings from start to finish. They will print, fold, address, and mail your letters or flats. Duplicating is able to lower rates by using an automated system that is recognized by the post office.

United States Post Office Standards

Below are standards requirements from the US post office and in the future the post office will become stricter with the enforcement of these policies.

On first class mail the flaps cannot be tucked in please send them:

  1. Flaps sealed.
  2. Flaps unsealed and down position.
  3. Flaps unsealed and up nestled together.

The address position is very important. Please keep the address towards the center of the envelope. Leave 5/8 “across the bottom of the envelope to allow for barcodes, etc. a minimum of 1⁄2 on the right and left sides of envelope, and 1 1⁄2 on the top of the envelope.

Envelopes need to be addressed in black or dark blue ink. Optical readers are used by the post office and they do not recognize red, green, pencil, etc.

Attention lines should not be placed sat the bottom of the address as has been acceptable for many years. Place them above the title or below the city, state, and zip code.